Pre Treatment Advice

Please be aware of the following:

You are unable to have the SKN Rehab signature facial if the following applies to you:

  • you are pregnant or nursing
  • are using retinol, retinoin or oral isotretinoin (Roaccutane)
  • have an active tan or are planning a sun holiday in the next 4weeks
  • have had a recent procedure including – chemical peel, Injectables / fillers, laser or IPL, Microdermabrasion, Heat treatments, UV exposure
  • have an active infection in the area to be treated

A full medical questionnaire will be carried out on the day of your treatment to ensure your suitable for treatment.

New patients:
 You MUST have a New Patient Assessment and Skin consultation with the consulation prior to your first treatment.

We are attaching some information about Microdermabrasion treatment with this email. Please read the information and make a note of any questions you would like to ask your practitioner prior to treatment.

For more information about your consultation and treatments please speak to your consultant at the time of your treatment.


Upon booking of a time slot, a non refundable deposit amounting to the full cost of the treatment booked will be taken. We are unable to make a booking or reserve times without this prepayment. Should you be required to cancel for any reason at any point between the time of booking and 24 hours prior to the start time of your treatment, we will endeavour to try and find another free slot for you during the period of the event. Unfortunately if we are unable to find a free time slot, your deposit will not be refunded or transferrable under any circumstances. In the case of cancellations made less then 24 hours prior to the start time of your treatment, the full deposit will be retained by SKN Rehab and will not be refunded or transferred under any circumstances. If you are late for your designated time slot, we will endeavour to still provide you the treatment, however this will be in the manner we see fit given the time available. Should you require any clarification, please contact our team at your earliest convenience.

Microdermabrasion Information

We feel it is important that our clients have a good understanding of their treatment, what it involves and what the potential risks are, before going ahead with any treatment. So please take a few minutes to read through this information.

About the Microdermabrasion Facial: 

Microdermabrasion offers a broad range of significant skin benefits. It can be used to treat skin dullness, dehydration, acne, pores and for improving skin texture. As with most skin therapies, the Microdermabrasion sits well alongside a constructive home skincare regime and best results are often seen after a number of sessions.

How does Microdermabrasion work? 

Microdermabrasion exfoliates dull, dry skin revealing healthy new skin underneath as well as deep cleansing and extracting pores. Overall this treatment makes the skin look brighter, smoother and plumper.

Our aim: To improve aspects of your physical appearance so that you may have better confidence, self-esteem and hence a better quality of life.

Skin Preparation: 

The best results from a facial are usually achieved when the skin is well prepared for the treatment. It is important to ensure that the skin has not been excessively damaged or inflamed in the time leading up to the treatment. We ask you to ensure that you have:

  • Not used retinol in the last 5 days
  • Not used tretinoin in the last 7 days
  • Not tanned (holiday or sunbed) in the last 6 weeks
  • Not used oral vitamin A e.g. Roaccutane in the last 6 months
  • You are Not pregnant, breastfeeding or currently trying for a pregnancy


It is possible to experience some redness, stinging, and slight swelling of the skin. This may take approximately a week to resolve. Where the treatment has been deeper or more extensive, you may experience more severe side-effects.


  • Pain
  • Bruising
  • Allergy
  • Infection
  • Triggering cold sores, shingles or other pre-existing skin problems
  • Pigmentation problems e.g. post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)

Please make certain that you understand: 

  • It is possible that side effects not described may occurand that a complication not previously reported may occur for the first time.
  • You will need to follow after-care instructions to reduce the risk of complications and to optimize the effectiveness of my treatment. Aftercare includes:
    • Avoiding direct sun exposure for 2 weeks
    • Using broad spectrum physical sunblock of factor 30+ daily and reapplying

If you feel any of these instructions may be a problem for you, please inform the therapist before the treatment.

Do you have any questions? 

We are here to make your treatment easy, comfortable and safe. If there’s anything we can do to make sure you have an exceptional experience with us, please do let us know.