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LED LIGHTS: The NASA Technology that will transform your skin – NASA first used LED light therapy for wound healing; it works by using specific colour wavelengths of light that penetrate the skin to fix, treat, and cure. If you have skincare concerns of ageing, inflammation or acne then light therapy could be your ‘Holy-grail’ skincare solution. Micro-Vibration Technology uses a nano massage technique to increases blood circulation,  ION Therapy removes toxins from the skin and enhances the absorption of active ingredients by up to 90%, and Ultrasonic lifts, firms and contours the skin for a more youthful appearance. Customise your treatments depending on skin concerns.

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How to use


How to use

USB/UK Plug operated.

Treatments can be personalised to target your specific skin concerns. Refer to SKN Wand brochure for more information and treatment plans.

Benefits and Ingredients

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Key Benefits

• BOOST the absorption of active ingredients
• RENEW and rejuvenate damaged skin cells
• PURIFY and balance
• GLOW and brighten
• CONTOUR and lift the skin
• STIMULATE collagen and improve elasticity
• CLEAN and clear



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