Our highly effective SKN Rehab programme helps improve a multitude of concerns.

Take a look through a few Before and After client photographs.

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AFTERAfter Treatment 6

Everyone that has the treatment looks airbrushed - its amazing!

Katrina Barton, COO, The Glam App

I wholeheartedly give my stamp of approval.

Dr. Tatiana Lapa Dr. Tatiana

I love the SKN REHAB facial – my normally dry skin is radiant and plumper. I’m glowing!

Amanda Camilleri, The Luxury Spa Edit

After just one 25 minute session my skin felt plumper and more alive. It made a huge difference to my face and people commented on how bright and glowing I looked – job done!

Lucy Cave Editorial Director, Heat Magazine

My skin’s really good! It feels really refreshed – like it’s had a good exfoliation but with none of the redness/soreness I usually associate with a deep exfoliation!

Caroline Reid Deputy Editor, Closer

The superior technology of the SKN REHAB system transforms the appearance of the skin with longer-lasting results.

Ali Hussain, Founder of Sonic Medical Systems

It's something I’d definitely recommend keeping up long term and doing as often as possible!

Mina Dinic, hayu

93% of people saw a dramatic reduction in fine lines and wrinkles after their course of treatments.

100% of people would recommend this treatment to a friend.

86% of people saw a reduction in spots and blemishes after the first treatment.